It starts with excitement, but 30s later, the horror starts to set in……
So, for some stupid reason, I submitted a session to droidcon Berlin, saying that I will spend 15-ish minutes to present the inner workings of Jetpack Compose. And in July 2nd, I will need to go on stage and present it. Join me on the journey to either the ultimate humiliation, or the beginning of giving something back to the Android dev community!

Jetpack Compose is a huge news, not only because of how it works, but also all of its implications: architecture, paradigm, best practices, and more. So in order to make sure I have a talk for 15-ish minutes instead of 50-ish minutes, I have to set some ground rules on things that I am not gonna cover:

  • Performance: it’s definitely way too early to do any meaningful evaluation
  • Architecture: there are years and years of talks and examples on stuff like Redux, BLoC, or just reactive programming in general. I will leave those to the pros 👋
  • How to use it in your app today: Don’t 🙅‍♀️
  • Future prediction (on Android Development): I wish I can tell the future
  • “Conspiracy theory” (Google/Flutter/Fuchsia): nope not touching that
  • Meaning of life: We all know the answer. It’s 42.

Gradually, I will come back here and add with some articles, videos, and examples. But for now, the topics are all you’re gonna get 😐

Prepare a Jetpack Compose talk with me #2: Saying “no” firmly but politely to the following topics

TL;DR: Just let the pros deal with the hard topics. Me? I’m going straight into the source code.