It starts with excitement, but 30s later, the horror starts to setΒ in……
So, for some stupid reason, I submitted a session to droidcon Berlin, saying that I will spend 15-ish minutes to present the inner workings of Jetpack Compose. And in July 2nd, I will need to go on stage and present it. Join me on the journey to either the ultimate humiliation, or the beginning of giving something back to the Android dev community!

Where do I start? Turns out you just keep Google-ing and Google-ing, and once you hit the right slack channel, everything just went crazy from there 🀷

Next time, we will take a very quick look at some essentials but non-so-important stuff that makes JC possible πŸ‘‹

Update: #2 is up

Prepare a Jetpack Compose talk with me #1: Where do I even start?

TL;DR: just a bunch of links