How to use Fujifilm X Webcam 2 again?

How to use Fujifilm X Webcam 2 again?

Just got myself a second-hand Fujifilm X-T2, and decided to try using it as webcam for work, and it took way longer than expected. So here's a short doc on how I got it up and running.

Step 1: Watch this video

This tells you 90% of what you need to know

  • Install the software
  • Restart the machine
  • No, it's not stuck on the placeholder webcam, you just need to turn on your software of choice to actually trigger the webcam to start

Step 2: Make sure your camera has the right settings

Instead of putting all the requirement in the same place, some of them are in this part of the website instead. For example, in X-T2, you need to make sure "Connection Setting" is set to "USB Tether Shooting Auto".

(P.S.: Tested both USB 2.0 cable and 3.0 cable, both works)

Step 3: Profit?


Again thank you so much to Fujifilm for making everything so intuitive and so easy to find