Translations for App Store and Play Store listing: how many locales do I need to add exactly?

So, the app you have been working on for 3 months is finally almost done, and all you need to do now is adding some final touches throught out the app, and add the text and assets for App Store and/or Play Store. But now you wonder: do I need to translate them, and if yes, how many translations do I need?

Just like any other questions out there, the answer is “It depends”, but I hope this guide makes it easier for you to know as of late 2017, how many locale do you need to support to target your potential audiences correctly.

So, this and this are the official documentation for the App Store and Play Store respectively, and they are definitely going to change over time. MAKE SURE YOU CHECK THOSE 2 SITES (OR WHEREVER THEY MOVED THEM TO) TO MAKE SURE YOU THE RIGHT INFORMATION! For both store, all the store listings are locale based, and it seems that you cannot control exactly which language your content will be display, because they depends on the devices’ locale setting.

And here’s the curated list of the 2 stores:

The List

This should be pretty straight forward, and there are only 2 edge cases:

  1. There are 2 Traditional Chinese in Play Store and only 1 in App Store
  2. There are 2 Latin America Spanish in Play Store and only 1 in App Store

Just see what works best for you, and happy publishing!

Louis Tsai

Louis Tsai

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