Loft: I’ll be back

Over the weekend, I have a full review of what I have been working on, and what I want to achieve in the next 6–12 months. And in the process, I realized that Loft is not the best project for me to achieve those goals, so it will go into hibernation for a while.

While Loft gives me the ability to practice UX, Android, Kotlin, GraphQL, and Go, it also requires a functional iOS app for this project to be meaningful. And from it’s current design, it’s also not gonna help me improve my algorithm knowledge, open-source contributions, and machine learning. I also probably need to re-think how the whole thing works as a product, and how it can actually help roommates communicate.

And instead of Loft, I will be working on a couple of other project, each with a smaller scope:

  • My 3rd attempt at making a rowing machine workout tracking app, which will allow me to do UX + Android + Kotlin + figure out how to use ML to extract information from images
  • A GraphQL API wrapper for the HackerNews API, and after that publish the image onto Docker
  • A dart code generator, inspired by JavaPoet and KotlinPoet from Square, which will push me to learn more about Dart and algorithms
  • All of these must be very TDD

Hopefully in 12 months I won’t regret this decision……

Louis Tsai

Louis Tsai

if someone can give me a lesson of how to adult that’d be great thank you.