Help Ukraine 🇺🇦

Help Ukraine 🇺🇦
Photo by Max Kukurudziak / Unsplash

Unless you have been living under a rock, you probably are aware of the atrocity that Putin is pulling in Ukraine.

If you are living not in Ukraine like me, here are some ways you can help

Spread awareness

It's actually a bit surprising that how "normal" all the social media that I uses regular gets after you scroll pass the first dozens of post. Twitter, Reddit, TikTok, all the same for me. So first thing I would like you to do is to keep spreading information to the world of what the fuck is happening, and keep this topic in everyone's mind.

The last thing we want is for this invasion to turn into another "just another daily update". That's what happened to the entirety of Syria; that's what happened to protests in Hong Kong; that's what happened to Taliban even though it has only been a few months.

I know the analytics of my blog site via I know that most of my readers are focusing on my gadget posts. That's why I know you can probably afford donate to help the Ukrainian Army, people, or both

Here is the info that one of my Ukrainian friend has shared, each with a short description of what each organization focuses on. Now go take out your credit card.

Как помочь Украине
Списки организаций, которым можно перевести деньги с разъяснениями.

Look after your friends

You may have some Ukrainian friends; or you may have some Russian friends who are ashamed of what Putin is doing; or you may have friends that have personal connections with their own friends in Ukrainian. No matter what's the background, let's try to do your best to make sure they are holding up.