A few days back, I set down and list out all of my gadgets down (again) to try to get my shit together. Here’s what I have and what I will do with them:

  • ThinkPad T480: Main workstation (Development focus)
  • Google Pixel 2: Daily driver
  • MacBook Air 11 (early 2014): Secondary workstation (Design focus + iOS development)
  • iPhone SE: iOS driver, development device
  • Nokia 1: Android development device (Building for billions y’all)
  • reMarkable: Note taking tablet, still not sure if I will return it or not (Whether I keep it or not, I will probably write a blog post about it)
  • Misfit Vapor: Not working, send backed to Fossil for repair
  • ChefSteps Joule: Sous Vide machine, still not sure if I will return it or not, but I guess if it doesn’t work out for me, it would be a decent gift for my family (especially for all the intensive holiday cooking)

There are also some gadgets on hiatus because of the stupid apartment that I am staying in have electrical problem (no power from wall sockets in my room 😑):

  • Dell U2515H
  • Google Home mini

This list is actually shorter than the one I wrote a few months back, and that’s because I have decided to sell off a bunch of my stuff that I don’t actually use/are just not worth it:

  • Medion Chromebook S2013: 32-bit ARM Chromebook with “promised” Android app support that never come, and no chance of getting Linux container, no wonder why it has been sitting in my drawer for weeks.
  • iPad mini 2: It’s almost exclusively a YouTube machine, which I am trying to reduce. And when the time comes for me to make iPad apps, iPad mini 2 will be extremely outdated.
  • Sony a6000 + 16–50mm kit lens + Sigma 30mm f/2.8: One of the reason I bought it is because I though the weight of D7000 is preventing me from taking pictures, while the reality is that I am just not that into photography anymore. Plus ever since I got the Pixel 2, the camera has been so great, it makes a6000 unnecessary in a lot of my use cases (i.e. landscapes. I almost exclusively do landscape)
  • Sony MDR-ZX770BN: I am just not comfortable enough (mentally) to use it. It just does not work well with my spiky hair. I’m just waiting for a replacement 3.5mm cable to arrive, and then I can sell it back out.
  • Kindle Paperwhite: Even if I decided to return reMarkable, I just don’t use the paperwhite often enough. At this moment I spent most of my reading time with more textbook type stuff, and Kindle is just not big enough.
  • Amazon Fire table: I have not used it in months, and I don’t have plans to release app on Amazon App Store anytime soon anyway.
  • Canon CP1200: I just don’t use it often enough. And printing postcards are not cheap either.
  • GoPro HERO4 Session: I don’t even remember when is the last time I touch it.
  • Daydream View: What was I thinking when I though I would make VR apps!?

Last but not least, there are 2 devices that I don’t really think I can get rid of:

  • Nextbit Robin: I lost the SIM tray
  • Nexus 5: It’s so scratched up in every single corner, plus it’s super outdated.

And 2 devices that are still undetermined:

  • Logitech K380 keyboard: It depends on my next workplace & apartment
  • Rapoo 7100P mouse: It depends on my next workplace & apartment

What did we learn?

  • This guy have way too many impulse purchase
  • This guy might have money management issue that he has to deal with ASAP

Gadget list (August 2018)

A few days back, I set down and list out all of my gadgets down (again) to try to get my shit together. Here’s what I have and what I will…